The ideal solution for stray currents and corrosion in the construction of Artesian wells.

The various families of materials used during the operating phases by various specialists which, in one way or the other, concern the subsoil. Including well piping and filters, piezometer pipes, sub-horizontal drain pipes, pipes for cement injections and for tie-rods. The right material for each type of work, developed to reach the customer’s highest expectations.

The top quality raw materials used, the constantly upgraded technology of the production plants and a corporate management with over forty years of manufacturing experience are the strengths behind Palfondplast’s high-performing, geotechnical products.

Excellent durability, high mechanical strength and resistance to limescale, easy jointing, lightweight design and high flexibility are only a few of the benefits recognised and appreciated by the users of our materials.

The pipes are produced with organic stabilisers that are totally free from heavy metals and are certified for the conveying of potable water and food liquids in general, in full compliance with Legislative Decree No. 34 of the Ministry of Health dated 21-03-1973, Legislative Decree No. 174 of the Ministry of Health dated 06-04-2014, Reg. EC 1935/2004 and Reg. EC 1985/2005, and national and international standards on the preservation and protection of the environment.