The company 

The company was set up in 1973 by the husband and wife team Romanello Balocchi and Fiorella Vallisa for the manufacture of plastic suspended ceilings.

Over the next two years, production is converted to the extrusion of PVC tubing for the construction sector, drainage systems and the protection of electrical and telephone cables.

  • Azienda Tubi PVC
  • Azienda Tubi PVC
  • Azienda Tubi PVC
  • Azienda Tubi PVC

1980: the growing

During the 1980s, the growing need for artesian wells for the captation of potable water at considerable depths leads the company’s founder to use his experience in precision mechanics to design and construct machinery in his own workshop for the production of extruded PVC tubing, threaded at both ends with a special male/female system, suitable for use in this area.

The success achieved in this sector and the recognition by many clients of the quality, trustworthiness, value-for-money and ease-of-use of the “Plafond” tubing makes the company the LEADER in the production of threaded special-use tubing.

2000: the expansion

In the 2000s, the company started its expansion into Europe.

In 2002 the company “Valplast Romania” was set up in Bucharest, founded jointly by “Plafondplast” and “Valrom Industrie” for the manufacture of P.V.C. tubing and which, over the next four years, became the market leader in Rumania.

In 2005 “Valplast and Valrom” set up a new plant in Vinnitsa, in the Ukraine.

In 2006 Balocchi and Oliveira, belonging to their friend Andrea Niboli, take over the “Soplasnor” in Oporto, Portugal.

In 2008, “Valplast” started the construction of a new plant in Cekusivania, Rumania.

The Plafondplast company philosophy, matured over thirty years’ experience, focuses on the constant control of every production phase.

The manufacture of PLAFOND tubing starts with the planning and construction of the machinery, using the knowledge of the materials used and the experience in various fields of application of the finished product.