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Plafondplast’s research is always aimed at satisfying the customer needs as well as solving the different problems the customers have to face. Our 40-year production experience and our technical know-how have resulted in EXCALIBUR, a rising pipe for submersible pumps. EXCALIBUR is an innovative rising pipe made with high quality rigid PVC, which has been created to connect submersible pumps to the water distribution system. The particular extrusion process this pipe is subjected to, as well as its physicochemical structure allow the pipe to have resistance against high internal pressure and tensile loads the structure being installed and used is subject to. EXCALIBUR pipes also show a particularly high impact strength; during the laboratory tests and/or while handling, installing and demounting, these pipes did not show damages nor strain. These lightweight pipes are moreover easy to handle and transport. The acme threads (male + male thread) at the pipe ends are supplied with a prearranged coupling being fixed at the end of the pipes. The inner part of the pipe coupling is equipped with two gaskets, which ensure the liquid tightness. After screwing, a mechanical barrier being placed in a special pipe coupling part hinders an accidental loosening due to vibrations or anomalous torsional stresses of the column and the consequent troubles to occur. The connection to the pump occurs by means of a special stainless steel connecting piece allowing both time and costs to be saved. EXCALIBUR pipes have totally smooth walls, which do not show any narrowing and/or corrosion, nor they can be attacked by the subsurface stray current. The hydrodynamic tests EXCALIBUR pipes have been submitted to have resulted in a very good hydraulic coefficient (k = 0.01), which ensures a negligible loss in capacity, lower pumping costs as well as a reduced water hammer effect due to a slower flow capacity (1/3 compared to the metal piping). EXCALIBUR pipes are certified and suitable for transporting potable water and generally food liquids, and as such they have no influence on the quality of the transported water and cannot also modify the composition of the latter.

Excalibur, pipes,rigid pvc, submersible pumps, water distribution

ISO 9001:2008 Certifications 

Excalibur, pipes,rigid pvc, submersible pumps, water distribution

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